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Written by Darin Fox 28 Sep 2023

Welcome to my small library of shared knowledge and inspiration tailored specifically for subject matter experts like you, seeking to unlock your fullest potential within your organizations. Here, you’ll find articles, podcasts, and recorded webinars to help you navigate the intricate world of specialized expertise and make a profound impact on both your organization and society at large. Whether you’re looking to refine your leadership skills, enhance your domain expertise, or elevate your strategic thinking, I hope you may find actionable insights, practical strategies, and real-world success stories.



10 Science-Backed Reasons Why You Need To Start A Learning Journal TODAY

What I learned from my clients about personal change

Jane’s 12 Christmas nuggets of wisdom

Elevate Your Expertise: Harnessing the Power of Feedback Loops for Mastery

Unlocking Your Full Potential: A Guide to Overcoming Fears and Boosting Self-Confidence

Deliberate Practice - The Ultimate Key to Skill Mastery

Unlock Your Full Potential: Mastering New Skills Made Easy with the Dynamic Trio

Masters Out Loud - learnings and insights from the specialised world of coaching specialists

9 out of 10 Technical Expert quits could be avoided

Can technical teams effectively “learn on the job”?

Do Expertship Initiatives Work?

Do leaders of technical experts need to have technical respect?

How do you use deliberate practice to develop expertise?

What makes a great virtual remote team leader?


Attracting and recruiting technical specialists: what does research and the market say

How do you create shared purpose in remote and virtual teams?

What makes a remote team leader great?

How to set up and run scenario planning in your organisation

What did we learn from the Expertship360 reviews of 500+ experts?


Coaching, developing and Combating the ‘I don’t knows’

Building the culture you want in your team

Are you aware of your self-awareness?

Conflict, and how disagreement doesn’t have to be disagreeable

Creating and leading with purpose

Creating high trust in teams

Emotional intelligence: Dial up the empathy, not the sympathy

Encouraging wellness and resilience among your team

Guiding teams through rapid change

How to engage and motivate your team in a crisis

Improving collaboration in the midst of uncertainty

Influencing without using your authority

Leading when change never stops

Managing your manager

My leadership brand


Setting priorities for your team when the future is uncertain

Situational Leadership

Survival and success tips and tricks for frontline leaders

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