Creating and leading with purpose

Written by Darin Fox, Released 22 Jun 2020

How can I create a sense of purpose and galavanise my team around it? What are practical tips and advice to create a strong purpose for your team - and to also ensure that your purpose doesn’t become another empty corporate slogan?

In Episode four of the Fastleader podcast, Darin Fox, Chief Research Officer at HFL, taps into the extensive experience of senior executive Angela Tsoukatos and HFL Principal Consultant Dominic Johnson to ask:

  1. How does a manager create a purpose for the team?
  2. Is there a difference between leading with purpose in for-profit business and not-for-profit business?
  3. How can purpose be embedded in what the team does every day?
  4. How do you know whether your team is living its purpose?
  5. Is there a difference between purpose and culture?
  6. How does being in a crisis alter your approach to embedding purpose?

Key quotes

  • “No team is an island.”

  • “Purpose is not what you do, it’s why you do it.”

  • “Your purpose is what your product allows other people to do.”

  • “Don’t let your purpose be ideological twaddle on the wall.”

  • “Is your purpose just a poster on the wall?”

  • “You might need a couple of rounds in the kitchen.”

  • “Purpose is your true north.”

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Show notes

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