Fastlead360: the best first step for personal growth
Summary: Help participants to get the most concrete, clear view of how they are currently being experienced as a leader. We have customised multi-rator 360-degree surveys for each of our Fastlead programs - for front-line leaders and managers, for middle managers, and for sales leaders.
Written by Alistair Gordon 14 Apr 2020

Getting the full picture

When you embark on a journey to get better at something, it’s useful to get an accurate, objective picture of your starting point. This early benchmark helps us decide which elements of the skills we are hoping to hone, and which we should concentrate on.

This principle, of course, also applies with leadership development programs. There are two possible methods for reflection:

  • self-reflection -typically achieved in the leadership world by undertaking a self-reporting psychometric profile; and

  • collective reflection - where we rate ourselves against a variety of leadership skills, and invite other colleagues with whom we work to do the same. (We call these 360-degree surveys.)

In Fastlead, we prefer the latter, but can also (as an add-on) facilitate the former.


Debriefed by the coach that participants will be working with, and resulting in the shaping of a Personal Growth Plan, undertaking a 360-degree survey provides Fastlead participants with objective and structured feedback. They get to see how different groups are currently experiencing them as a leader. They also get to discuss, with their coach, how they desire to be experienced as a leader.


We have built bespoke Fastlead 360-degree surveys (the participant, their manager(s), direct reports, and peers) for each of our three Fastlead services:

  • Fastlead (for front-line leaders and managers) has a 360 survey which has questions which align with the 12 specialists topics participants can choose to work on. This enables participants and their supporters (managers, HR, L&D etc.) to customise the topics to the needs of the group.

  • Fastlead Plus (for middle managers, mid-level leaders) has a 360 survey aligned to the 9 specialist topics covered in the program.

  • Fastlead Sales (for front-line sales leaders and managers) has a 360 survey with aligns to the 9 specialist sales leadership topics in this program.


Undertaking 360 degree surveys as part of the Fastlead programs is voluntary, not mandatory. However, we have priced these surveys very keenly in order to encourage clients and participants to gain the very significant benefits by getting the whole picture of their leadership impact. Every leader who experiences this process benefits enormously from it.

Contact us for details of pricing and logistics.

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