Small group coaching gives you six levels of learning in one pod
Summary: Leadership development with six levels of learning - only small group coaching can give you this amount of impact all in one go. Modern leadership development, break-through designs, break-through impacts.
Written by Darin Fox 19 Feb 2024

Image credit: Fastlead on HFL

Can a single leadership program offer six levels of learning, at in one go? Small group coaching can. Participants join ‘pods’ with two or three other leaders, typically meeting monthly. This personal, episodic, super-applied leadership development option goes both broad and deep, providing multiple levels of leadership learning.

  • Level 1 - Learning from the coach - every pod has 3 or 4 participants, and one expert leadership coach.

  • Level 2 - Learning from each other - a great deal of learning comes from podsters sharing their experiences.

  • Level 3 - Learning from seeing coaching in action - high transference of coaching skills because participants see each other being coached.

  • Level 4 - Learning from deployment of new skills - participants get to discuss one topic at a time, and then get to deploy these new skills back in the workplace.

  • Level 5 - Learning from manager interaction - very professional small group coaching executions feature high involvement of participants’ managers.

  • Level 6 - Learning from the Learning Portal - Fastlead offers participants in our small group coaching leadership program access to comprehensive digital learning resources.

This is multiple levels of learning that more traditional large group workshop approaches to development simply can’t match. And this type of learning matches the way newer generations of employees want to learn - from each other, and talking about real issues on real teams that they really needs to lead.

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