Fastlead for Sales
Summary: Real, applied, practical “news they can use” that transforms average sales management into outstanding team performance.
Written by Grant Heinrich 20 Feb 2020

Image credit: Razvan Chisu on Unsplash

Leading sales is one of the most challenging front-line leadership roles. A brilliantly run sales team delivers outstanding revenue results and not just profits today, but profits tomorrow. The best sales people must be retained and challenged, and poor performers quickly exited, reducing unnecessary cost and stress.

Fastlead Sales is a small group coaching style of learning that suits modern learning styles and attitudes. Drawing from our seven-years-established Fastlead program, which develops the foundational skills every front-line leader needs, Fastlead Sales adds new learning and the fine-tuning of existing skills to build a better-rounded sales leader. It has sales leadership orientated content and topics, combined with crucial leadership skills.

Given the nature of sales teams in Australia and New Zealand, it is very often delivered virtually, with sales leaders from different states making up a small group coaching pod.


In these uniquely blended topics – leadership and sales management combined – sales leaders get real, applied, practical “news they can use” to transform average performance into outstanding performance.
Central to the learning experience is ‘real plays’ where classic front-line sales management challenges are explored.

Organisations can select a 6 topic cycle or all 8 topics:

  • My leadership brand
  • Sales planning
  • Setting performance expectations
  • Motivating sustainable performance
  • Coaching for success
  • Delegation
  • Leading virtual teams
  • Adapting to change


In this program, we only use leadership coaches who have had sales roles in their previous careers. They need to know what it’s like when you face a really challenging sales target. They need to know how it feels when you have under-performing sales people. They need to know how to motivate sales people, and what sales leader as coach works.

For this reason, many Fastlead Sales programs are run virtually, because sales experience is a critical component of success in this program.


Just to be clear, this isn’t sales training. There are many specialist organisations that deliver briliantly in that space.

Fastlead Plus is that special hybrid your Sales Director has always been asking you for - a program that is specifically design for front-line leaders who run sales teams, run by coaches who are both leadership and sales experts.

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