Leading when change never stops

Written by Darin Fox, Released 11 May 2020

Change is constant, and you rarely see it coming - that was true before the Covid crisis, and it’s triply true now.

Every single day now, leaders at every level deal daily with situations they’ve never faced before. But don’t panic, there are techniques you can use to prepare for even the most surprising events.

In today’s podcast, host Darin Fox talks to coaches Alistair Gordon and Dominic Johnson about:

  • The fundamentals you must get right during a crisis

  • The worries and dramas they see their Fastlead coaching clients face

  • How earlier crises like the 2008 Global Financial Crisis played out

  • The importance of looking after yourself as well as your team

  • And as always, actionable advice to better lead and support your team


  • “If you are a megalomaniac, self-serving, micro-manager, then you are going to be in all sorts of trouble.”

  • “There is light at the end of the tunnel but we don’t know how long the tunnel is going to be”

  • “As dark as it gets, you always come out of it”

  • “It’s communication, not communique”

  • “In a crisis, people need to feel they are moving forward”

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Show notes

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Take the Fastlead management challenge: https://fastlead.com/challenge

More resources: the Fastleaders homepage

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