Virtual leadership: what the data tells us is working

16 Sep 2020

Presented by Grant Heinrich

Late 2020, we ran a survey on virtual leadership, asking:

  • What a good remote leader looks like
  • What an ineffective remote leader looks like
  • And for actionable tips for better remote leadership.

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360+ people responded, and there were a lot of surprises in the results.

In this webinar, our Chief Research Officer Darin Fox explains:

00:31 The questions
01:27 The data - who responded?
03:00 Do leaders have an accurate view of team productivity, performance and hours?
05:10 Do leaders have an accurate view of their team’s connection to each other, to other teams or to themselves
05:50 What about team wellbeing and stress?
06:25 Are introverts better managers of virtual teams?
08:41 Is working virtual better for some people?
10:05 Are leaders who’ve run virtual teams before better with virtual teams?
14:10 What management activity is helpful? Are teams more worried about what they lost than happy about what they’ve gained?
21:58 What tips would teams give to managers?
23:24 What are managers doing right?
24:56 Actionable tips for better remote leadership - Part I
27:22 Actionable tips for better remote leadership - Part II
29:06 Do newly remote team leaders need virtual leadership training?
31:13 Extensive audience Q&A

Download the report

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Photo credit: Prateek Katyal on Pexels

Download our presentation deck, based on a major research survey, on what makes a great virtual leader