Your Fastlead questions answered
Summary: How is Fastlead different to other leadership programs? You design it.
Written by Alistair Gordon 28 Mar 2019

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How is Fastlead different to other leadership programs?

You design it. The beauty of this coaching program is that it’s designed by you. You tell us what your leadership challenges are, we provide you with a list of twelve possible topics to choose from and you tell us what you want to focus on.

It’s not boring. Sitting in leadership workshops that go on for days are a thing of the past - and it’s hard to schedule days away from your work to come onto a course.

With you and your workload in mind we designed intensive two-hour coaching sessions where you will be able to focus on one topic at a time. Then you’re ready to implement each skill the second you step back into the workplace.

How long does it take?

You will be involved in six coaching sessions designed to run for approximately 2 hours each.

The time frame between each coaching session is determined by you, however since the point is to WOW you (that is, have you “walk out working”) we recommend at least 4-6 weeks between each coaching session so that you have the chance to implement the skills you have just acquired and notice the impact it has had on your team and your work.

When can I start?

Now! The advantage of this program is that you don’t have to wait until HR has gathered enough people to run a whole course - plus we can run the sessions virtually while no-one is travelling.

We understand that in leadership everyone has different needs, and some are extremely immediate. This is a just-in-time coaching program designed to equip you with the leadership skills you need today - or needed yesterday!

What is a coaching pod?

A coaching pod consists of 2–3 Coachees (people who are being coached), at similar levels of leadership, who have similar coaching needs.

You remain the same pod throughout the duration of the coaching program for three main reasons:

  1. So that you can begin to understand some of the leadership challenges some of your colleagues are facing (you’ll be surprised how similar they all sound!)

  2. So that you can learn off each other’s experiences.

  3. So that you can hold each other accountable for your development. For instance, if Fred is in your coaching pod and commits to managing his emotional outbursts during meetings then you will be asked to check-in with him around the office. So if you see him belt out some classless words or reach an ear piercing decibel during a staff meeting, then you have the right to approach and ask him how his development actions are going.

What if I don’t have colleagues who can join me during the coaching sessions? Do you accept coaching orphans?

We gladly adopt ‘coaching orphans’ all the time. We can team up with other coaching orphans with similar leadership needs. We will organise a meet and greet session so you can acquaint yourselves and ask you to sign a confidentiality form so that whatever is said in the room stays in the room at all times.

Can I have individual one-on-one coaching with my coach?

Sure, but at the frontline level we see greater value in group coaching sessions than in one-on-one. Most of our candidates have reports that they love that they can learn off their coaching pod buddies and feel less pressure to “have the right answer” during the sessions.

We also often see managers or heads of learning reserve one-on-one coaching for more senior levels due to the cost. A group coaching setting like Fastlead is a highly cost effective way for frontline leaders to leverage the benefits of coaching environment.

Where do the sessions happen?

In our office, online, your office - wherever suits the coachees best. Research tells us that coachees feel more comfortable and committed to coaching when they attend sessions outside of their normal work environment.

It’s kind of like going to the gym or exercising outdoors vs. exercising at home in front of the TV. Which is more motivating and attracts your commitment?

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