Small group coaching is made for virtual and online delivery
Summary: Small group coaching pods allow organisations to deliver super-high-impact leadership development completely virtually, at a low price. Using Fastlead, an established and very successful small group coaching company, front-line leaders or middle managers programs exist, are proven, and are ready to deploy within days.
Written by Grant Heinrich 20 Apr 2020

As organisations search for new ways to deliver support to their leaders, small group coaching is the answer.

Small groups, easy on video-conferencing, and a coaching style works really well in supporting the leadership development of leaders at all levels.

Our service, Fastlead, brings you a virtual leadership training solution that is proven, been around for years, has 40 plus clients (many large public companies) and boasts very high satisfaction scores from clients, participants, and even their managers.

The Fastlead team are experienced at delivering virtually, by telephone, by video-conference (much preferred, and much more effective), across countries, time zones, and cultures.

With many leadership program designs, going virtual means a less effective solution. With Fastlead, a curriculum-based small group coaching design, there is no reduction in effectiveness. We’d argue its flexibility creates better outcomes. Check out our blog Can Leadership be taught virtually with great success? for more discussion of why this is the case.

We’ve delivered leadership development virtually for years - trust the experts. Interested in our Expert Guidelines for Facilitating Virtually - get a sneak peak at what out 30 coaches put together collectively by requesting a copy from us today!

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