How do you scale small group coaching pods to coach hundreds (or thousands) of leaders?

Written by Grant Heinrich, 16 Apr 2020

Why has it taken so long for big organisations to test small-group coaching? Because the logistics of small group coaching are extremely hard to handle - unless, like us, you’ve spent six years learning what to do and what not to do.

Lots of participants means lots of groups, topic scheduling, coach selection, venue management, pairing of participants, briefings, evaluations - well, you get the picture. No sensible internal team would want to take all this detail on - you don’t have the time or resources, and probably not the system.

It’s not just participant work, either. For Fastlead, managers are asked to receive participant’s personal growth plans and learning content, plus invitations to attend three-way conversations between the participant, themselves and the coach. It’s all part of how we help leaders on Fastlead embed new behaviours back in the workplace.

But thankfully, we manage all the organisational overhead for you. Over six years, Fastlead has built its own semi-automated scheduling and delivery systems, overseen by our team of always-on project managers. They’re accountable to you and your coaching needs, maximising learning impact while minimising paperwork, phone calls and administration workload for your team. The project managers organise everything: coaching sessions, phone briefings, reminder emails, distribution and collation of physical and electronic coursework and surveys, and escalation where participants are missing deadlines.

At every stage of the process, you, your participants, their managers and our coaches, know what they need to do next and how they should do it. And alongside your work, our fully accredited network of forty Fastlead coaches are present in every capital city and many regional centres across Australia and New Zealand, ready to help wherever they’re needed.

The result? We can offer personalised, high-impact small-pod coaching to every organisation, regardless of size. If you’d like to hear what participants in larger companies have said about Fastlead, download our Fastlead at Scale brochure. It describes how we got 150 leaders - 40 pods in total - up and running in four weeks for a large client. We’re about to do the same thing all over again for them, but turning face-to-face pods into virtual ones.