Setting priorities

Written by Grant Heinrich 25 May 2020

The challenge

We’ve never met a frontline leader who has enough time and energy to do all the things that she/he is required to, or wants to do. Which means that we need to prioritise. With conflicting tasks and not enough time to do everything, our ability to spend the right amount of time and energy on the right things for the right reasons is critical. Sounds simple, but it needs technique.

The content

In this pod session, you discuss and explore with your fellow podsters.

  • What creates the pressure of workload and under resourcing is it the new normal, or can we affect how much work is given to us and our teams?

  • What are we giving our time to today, and why?

  • Who is wasting our time, and why?

  • How might we audit our time, identify time and energy wastage, and how might we start developing a system to prioritise between the urgent and the important?

  • What tactics should be deploy to develop a plan for spending our time on the right things for the right reasons?

  • How do we learn to say no, diplomatically, when asked to do things that aren’t part of our priorities?

The punchlines

It’s time to take our time to decide where to spend our time. It’s the most valuable time you’ll ever spend.

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