Setting performance expectations

Written by Grant Heinrich 25 May 2020

The challenge

Setting targets is easy. Getting your team members to buy in to those targets, and also meet and exceed them, is the tough part. Dealing with under performing team members is the toughest leadership and management challenge on the front line.

The content

In this pod session, you discuss and explore with your fellow podsters

  • How to make the link between effective people leading and staff engagement;

  • How to set people up for successful performance what specific systems and techniques do you need?

  • How to analyse the current performance of your team and prepare for their development;

  • The benefits of coaching your team, through establishing SMART development goals, to a higher performance;

  • What utilising effective communication and coaching skills looks like, when facilitating performance and development conversations.

The punchlines

As a front line leader, if you are very good at setting performance expectations and gaining the commitment of your team to reach them, you’ll live a much less stressful life. And stand out from the crowd. This topic is foundational for long term leadership success.

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