Self awareness

Written by Alistair Gordon 31 Dec 2018


How well do we understand how we are being experienced as a leader? We’ll have our own views on what we believe we are good at as a leader, and what we think we need to improve. But how accurate is our view of us? Experience tells us that for most leaders, they get70 per cent right, and 30 per wrong. Which means there is some feedback we need to get, understand, process and act upon.

Self-awareness is our ability to understand, and act upon, how we’re are being perceived and experienced.


In this pod session, you discuss and explore with your fellow podsters:

  • How can we know how we are being experienced as a leader? What sources of formal and informal information can we access? How might we increase those feedback channels?

  • What is our natural personality style? How does this impact on our leadership style - positively and negatively?

  • Which individual strengths and improvement opportunities can we discern? What should be do about them?

  • How might the differences in preferred styles and learning between myself and individual team members impact our relationship? What could we do to leverage varying styles for the benefit of the team?


The leader who says they don’t care what people think of me is no leader at all. you don’t have to agree with what people think about your leadership style and the decisions you’ve made, but at the very least you need to understand why they feel the way they do? And be adult enough to ask do they have a point? The best leaders are seeking feedback from everyone all the time.

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