Managing up

Written by Alistair Gordon 31 Dec 2018


It’s pretty much the most important relationship you have in the workplace. How do we know? Because most coaching sessions conducted almost always feature a discussion about ‘my manager’ and how she or he is ‘not treating me correctly’.


In this pod session, you discuss and explore with your fellow podsters:

  • That there is a mutual dependence between you and your manager

  • Tactics for understanding your manager better;

  • Options for how to build a positive relationship to achieve your desired objectives (hopefully win/win);

  • Explore some techniques / key tips / ‘killer questions’ to help you manage up successfully;

  • The conversations that need to be had, and with your podsters, practice these conversations in the safety of the pod.


Your relationship with your manager is career critical - these two hours will ensure you manage the relationship professionally and get the benefits from a good relationship with one of the key people who can help you achieve your career objectives. (Or make your life a misery!)

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