PODCAST: Influencing without using your authority
Summary: You may be the boss, but does that mean people will do what you ask? In this episode of the Fastleader podcast, we examine why saying "Do it because I'm the boss" never works that well...
Written by Darin Fox Released 17 Aug 2020

You may be the boss, but does that mean people will do what you ask?

In this episode of the Fastleader podcast, Darin Fox, Chief Research Officer at HFL, asks a senior leader Rachael Grant and executive coach Wendy Taylor:

  • Why is it important to understand the difference between authority and influence?

  • If a leader is always ordering rather than influencing, how does that affect their career?

  • If a leader doesn’t rely on their position, but focuses instead on growing their influence, how does that help them grow personally and professionally?

  • Inspiration, consultation, coalition and pressure are four examples of “influencing strategies”. How do they work?


  • “If we only use our authority, then we tend to get compliance.”

  • “Using authority will dictate you continuing to be a manager, rather than a leader.”

  • “Positional power limits your ability to be effective, the more senior you become.”

  • “There is no right or wrong, but some strategies are more right than wrong.”

  • “Consultation works when you engage with people in a real genuine way.”

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Show notes

Consequences of influence tactics used with subordinates, peers and bosses - Journal of Applied Pyschology.

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