Influencing without authority

Written by Kirsty Allen 31 Dec 2018


Most of us work in increasingly complex organisations and whether large or small, often we are faced with needing the help of colleagues who don’t report to us - who, by definition, don’t have to do what we ask. And yet our performance, and that of our team, depend on the cooperation and collaboration of these colleagues. To be successful, we have to positively influence them without authority.


In this pod session, you discuss and explore with your fellow podsters:

  • What makes influential people influential? Why is that some to some people it appears effortless, and yet others struggle? (Tip: it’s technique.)

  • What influencing tactics attracts resistance, compliance or commitment, and why?

  • What are the different modes of persuasion, and which modes should you deploy when, and why, to be an effective influencer?

  • Opportunities in our everyday leadership life to practise communicating with impact – confidently, clearly, convincingly, compellingly and credibly.


The ability to successfully navigate the organisation, and the many external colleagues we need to work with, requires us to leaders with the ability to influence without using our leadership authority. The further north you rise in your organisation, the more mission-critical these skills are.

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