Having Courageous Conversations

Written by Grant Heinrich 14 Oct 2021


Modern workplaces are stressful places. This is never more true that on the frontline. There is generally too much work to do and not enough resources. There are courageous conversations you need to have but keep on putting off. Whose job is it to have these conversations? The frontline leader. Yet having these courageous conversations is one of the leadership duties frontline leaders find most difficult to do.


In this pod session, you discuss and explore with your fellow podsters:

  • What is a courageous conversation? What are the barriers to having a courageous conversation? What makes it courageous from both parties’ perspective?
  • How can you deliver your message with courage and consideration to resolve issues and get the team back together moving forward?
  • How you can effectively plan for a courageous conversation?
  • Practice with your pod and your coach a courageous conversation you need to have with a team member.


Delaying courageous conversations is a mistake that everyone makes. The more promptly you have these conversations, the better it is for everyone. Don’t let anything fester. Make sure you are clear about your intent and put yourself in the other person’s shoes. If this was you, would you want to know? When you courageously do the right thing, the other person will thank you in the end. Getting your opening question right is the key to a successful courageous conversation.

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