Engaging and motivating others

Written by Alistair Gordon 31 Dec 2018


Engagement is a word often used, but barely understood. What does it actually mean to be ‘engaged’ with your work, and your teammates? What needs to be in place for a while team of different people to be similarly engaged? You won’t be surprised when the answer is ‘leadership’. But it’s easier discussed than done. Leaders who have honed the ability to authentically engage their team in meaningful, productive and fulfilling work are those that produce the best performances from their team.


In this pod session, you discuss and explore with your fellow podsters:

  • Appreciating individual motivators and the opportunity for you to leverage these to engage your team;

  • How you engage others on your team, and reflect on what works and what doesn’t, and explore why;

  • The meaning of engagement and what it takes to keep your team engaged; and how proactive are you being in doing so?

  • Assessing your current ability to engage others and determine where you require development;

  • Tactics for shaping a plan for improving the engagement of your team by getting to know them, grow them, inspire them, involve them and reward them.


Engaging and motivating others means you need to authentically get to know them. What makes them tick? What keeps them awake at night? What buttons do they want you to press to help them do their best work and be proud of it? This is really what leadership is all about. Are your team motivated to follow you?

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