Emotional intelligence

Written by Kirsty Allen 31 Dec 2018


Leading a team of individuals, you have a choice. You can view your team members as ‘staff’, ‘resources’, humans to be controlled and not trusted. Or you can decide to treat your team members as people - who have complex lives and needs, have good days and bad days, and who need encouragement and praise and diplomatic challenge. Just like you. To do the latter successfully, you need to build your emotional intelligence quota.


In this pod session, you discuss and explore with your fellow podsters:

  • What actually is emotional intelligence, and why has it become to be believed to be so important in leadership;

  • What are the consequences of a lack of emotional intelligence in a leader - how does this gap show up?

  • What is emotional intelligence is actually a series of different skills? How would this help us master emotional intelligence? Could we audit ourselves?

  • A model to enhance emotional self management.


Technical skills will get front-line leaders only so far - the journey from manager to leader, to someone who your team members will happily follow, is a journey to great emotional intelligence. It’s about winning hearts as well as minds, and the best leaders have built strong and authentic EI.

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