Does L&D have what it takes to stop Covid decimating L&D? (Leaderscape August online)
Summary: Leaderscape is our newsletter for senior HR, OD and L&D teams. In this month's issue: Does L&D have what it takes to stop Covid decimating L&D? And six things we learned taking a 4.5 day workshop online.
Written by Grant Heinrich 20 Aug 2020

Image credit: Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

In this month’s Leaderscape:

Will L&D press the reset button

Does L&D have what it takes to push the restart button and keep L&D alive?

2020-2021 will be the year when we see whether we are up to the task of keeping the L&D function alive.

Half my LinkedIn connections work in Learning and Development or Organisational Development. Do we have what it takes to restart a stalled L&D industry?

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The new online design for Mastering Expertship

Here’s six things we learned making a 4.5 day workshop virtual and online.

In some ways, virtual is better.

We’ve long run a 4.5 day workshop for technical experts called Mastering Expertship. It’s career-changing, recommended by 94% of participants - but it’s also impossible to stage during the pandemic.

We learned a lot getting Mastering Expertship ready for online delivery. It’s been rewritten top to tail, and it’s now an 8 session episodic learning program, deployed to groups of 4 technical specialists at a time.

What did we learn in the transformation? Quite a lot. If you need to bring big programs online, here’s six tips and tricks:

  1. Participants retain information more effectively from online sessions than they did in long in-person workshops
  2. Online workshops are more effective if you shift reflecting and reading offline
  3. You can use episodic learning to provide a personalised learning journey
  4. Use digital tools to ensure participant growth continues during and after a program
  5. Episodic learning suits busy executives and experts. And small groups encourage introverts to contribute.
  6. Use online sessions to break down the barriers between organisational silos, or between organisations (link)

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Cover of the Mastering Expertship prospectus: turn your technical specialists into organisational superstars

And if you’re one of the numerous people who wanted to try Expertship but couldn’t free up 4.5 days, you can download a detailed review of the new curriculum.

The latest Fastleader podcast: “Influencing without using your authority”, or “Don’t be that terrible boss”.

Quote from the Fastleader podcast saying "there's no right or wrong strategy, but some strategies are definitely more right than others"

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