Written by Kirsty Allen 31 Dec 2018


Are you finding yourself doing your own job, leading the team, your own team work, and also the work of some team members? Are you feeling like you have to micro-manage team members? You may possibly be blaming them, but the reality is that you haven’t delegated properly. Quite apart from being stressful and frustrating, poor delegation is career-limiting.


In this pod session, you discuss and explore with your fellow podsters:

  • What successful delegation is, and what poor delegation looks like; and the implications or good versus poor delegation;

  • Why delegation is a mission critical skill to master for every leader, and career-critical - get good at this and many opportunities will come to you;

  • Insights and tactics that form the basis of successful delegation;

  • How situational leadership - different strokes for different folks - is a key success factor is well managed delegation;

  • The barriers to successful delegation, and tactics to overcome them.


If you can’t competently delegate, you’ll get stuck doing everything yourself. And that means you’ll get stuck in exactly the role you are today - for ever - because by not delegating, you’ve made yourself indispensable, in your current role. Delegation really is a career-critical skill.

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