The Fastleader podcast

Written by Grant Heinrich, Released 20 Apr 2020

The Fastleader podcast is here. Whether you’re a new frontline leader trying to survive their first few weeks, or an established middle manager looking to polish their personal leadership style, the Fastleader podcast will help you take that critical next step up the ladder.

With a focus on practical analysis, tips and actionable ideas, each week the Fastleader podcast examines one of fourteen core leadership challenges.

  • Team challenges like managing conflict; focusing a team; setting performance expectations; delegating; coaching and developing others; setting priorities; and communicating effectively.

  • Boss battles like managing up; understanding your leadership brand; and communicating effectively.

  • And there’s advice for dealing with peers: leading change; influencing with authority; understanding your leadership brand; and engaging and motivating others.

Created by Fastlead, AsiaPac’s pioneer of small group leadership coaching. Hosted by Darin Fox, Chief Research Officer (LinkedIn).

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