Feeling isolated as a first time leader?
Summary: New team leaders can easily a bit isolated, overwhelmed and incapable. Here's why - and what to do about it.
Written by Alistair Gordon 15 May 2019

Feeling isolated as a first time leader?

Having worked with over a thousand new frontline leaders, we understand the rollercoaster you’re on. If you’ve recently stepped up into a leadership role, problems are deeper because they’re new and you have little by way of support or resources.

You’re so flat out going from task to task, your priority list ends up being another ‘to do’ list. You can never squeeze the time to explore solutions to the problems thrown up by your new role. And you’re so focused on developing relationships with your team that you haven’t developed trusted relationships of your own.

As a result, we presume you’re feeling a bit isolated, overwhelmed and incapable. Have we nailed it?

Tips to get you through

Tip 1. It’s ok, you’re not the only new frontline leader who thought they should know how to handle everything and everyone from Day 1. Try and relax a little.

Tip 2. There are two crucial things in your early approach. 1. Show your determination to succeed. 2. Help others to help you by getting as far as you can before asking for assistance.

Tip 3. Find a trusted peer to test ideas and answers. Pledge frank and fearless feedback between you. For many this may take some time – or you may already know someone elsewhere in your business or from an old workplace. But be assured, you will find a partner.

Tip 4. Take a full lunch hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Block it out in your calendar. And walk. You’ll feel great because you’ve created ‘me’ time. And you’ll be thinking quickly and clearly with some oxygen in your blood.

Tip 5. Be positive. You’ll get more from yourself and more from your team.

Fast track access to the answers

What we hear from our participants who attend our Fastlead coaching pods, is that because there is a safe, expert environment created for them to grow in and apply all of the above, overwhelm is reduced and community is created.

Small groups of frontline leaders support each other as they share and problem solve together, practice leadership skills, coach each other and receive honest feedback.

The result? Huge uplifts in confidence to tackle the meaty issues. And practical ways to apply and practice new skills so they’re convert to positive leadership habits.

Nathan Allan, Fastlead Participant from Dulux Group shares his advice on getting the most from a Fastlead program: “Open up, share your experiences. We were all able to challenge each other. It was great to get other’s take on our own situations.”

“Because we had three different business units, we were able to look at issues objectively, because we weren’t already emotionally involved. Don’t be scared to discuss current challenges!”

Now you’ve taken a deep breath, check out our Fastlead program and join us to find your own leadership strength, your own little bit of magic for a great career.

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