Conflict management

Written by Kirsty Allen 23 Apr 2020


Modern workplaces are stressful places. This is never more true that on the front-line. There is generally too much work to do and not enough resources. Tired people, under pressure, get into conflicts - and whose job is it to sort those conflicts out? The front-line leader.

Yet resolving conflicts is one of the leadership duties front-line leaders find mots difficult to do. This module is one of the most popular chosen by hundreds of front-line leaders.


In this pod session, you discuss and explore with your fellow podsters:

  • The most common circumstances that lead to conflicts - what causes them and why?

  • The different ways that a conflict can be addressed, and what tactics to deploy when;

  • What barriers do leaders face in tackling what are commonly known as ‘difficult conversations’; and how do we turn those into courageous conversations that resolve issues and get the team back together and moving forward?

  • Your own personal default style of resolving conflicts, and reflect on the positives and negatives of that approach;

  • What conflicts are currently happening in your teams, and planning and practising conversations that will resolve them.


Here’s something we all know is true - small conflicts, unaddressed, grow into much bigger conflicts. They fester. Want a high performing team in your charge? Then build a culture, lead by you, where courageous conversations nip conflicts in the bud.

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